Truly Charmed: The Special Meaning of the Evil Eye

The evil eye is an ancient and powerful symbol of protection. Rich with history, it is a talisman that shields the wearer from evil forces and misfortune in our daily lives. When we are unsure of the intentions of those around us, the evil eye is a reminder that we have the power to reject negative energy and create a life of peace.

 evil eye charm meaning

Historical Significance 

Belief in the evil eye is widespread across all continents, although it is especially prevalent in the Mediterranean and West Asia. The Greek concept of the evil eye, or ‘mati,’ dates back to at least the 6th century B.C.E. Several notable Greek authors of antiquity reference the evil eye in their classic works. 

Many cultures believe it is possible to transmit energy through our gaze. If someone looks at you with malice or envy, their gaze may cause misfortune or harm to you and your kin. In some cultures this may even occur accidentally as a result of excessive admiration. Evil eye amulets came about as a way to ward off these negative effects by reflecting harmful energy away from the wearer.

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Use and Meanings

Evil eye talismans come in many forms. Not only are they frequently worn by those seeking protection, they are also hung over doorways or entrances to homes in order to shelter those inside. Some parents will put evil eye charms above or near a baby’s crib to protect the infant and ward off any bad luck.

Today, evil eye amulets serve the dual purpose of being both fashionable and meaningful. Ultimately, they show us that we have the strength to protect our energy and reject any ill will we might encounter. 

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Evil Eye Charm 

If you’re feeling negative energy, an evil eye symbol can work to repel it — glance down at your charm any time you begin to feel swayed by bitterness, and you’ll be reminded that you need not be influenced by the pettiness or cynicism of others. Instead, you have the power to choose positivity and attract the good fortune you deserve.

A great gift for a friend who has been your source of positivity, or who could use some energetic protection, our evil eye charms are a simple way to share wishes of safety, luck, and peace.