Virgo Crystals: The Ultimate Guide to Their Meanings & Use

Kind, responsible, and optimistic, Virgos lend an equal mix of pragmatism and innocence to every situation. Natural problem solvers, those born under the sign of the Virgin are happy to lend a sympathetic ear to their friends, but they can struggle with perfectionism, shyness, and over-worrying.

Virgos benefit from birthstones that emphasize their natural gifts for healing, balance, and guidance, while simultaneously diminishing perfectionism and nit-picking. Stones like Amazonite, Agate, and Clear Quartz encourage this sign to continue building deep relationships, helping others who need assistance, and provide a source of personal calm and contentment.

Virgo Crystals


While Virgos are known for being kind and considerate, their pragmatism can sometimes be a little too direct. Amazonite, symbolizing creativity, clarity, and connection, helps cut through the fog while appreciating subtlety and imagination as well.

Amazonite is a great stone for social occasions, especially for Virgos who just must resolve a topic before letting the conversation continue. Wearing this stone can help one appreciate the subtleties and nuances of casual conversation, encouraging a softer approach when making suggestions. Meditating with Amazonite can reveal creative, less obvious solutions to problems that may beat a direct, common-sensical approach.


Strong, confident, and grounded, agate naturally compliments Virgo’s role as a guide and teacher. As an earth sign, the Virgin connects with agate’s steadiness—it reminds Virgo to stay focused on the moment and avoid overthinking, emphasizing healing and harmony from quiet and harmony.

Wearing agate can help a Virgo feel more confident when interacting with others, giving advice, and offering encouragement. Carrying agate as a worry stone can also help clear away negative thoughts and keep one focused.


Clear Quartz

A stone of clarity, clear quartz enhances Virgo’s capabilities as a problem-solver and advisor, while also clearing away worries and fixations which cloud their mind. Keeping quartz in your bedroom or changing room can help clear away negative energy while keeping you focused and connected to your inner self.

Wearing clear quartz when working on new projects—especially artistic endeavors—can help Virgos express themselves in new ways, looking beyond surfaces to get to the emotional heart deep within.

Virgos appreciate gifts that are simple and make a statement. Showing your affection with a Hopeful Gold Amazonite necklace shows how much your favorite Virgo means to you, reflecting both the hope that they inspire in you, as well as the hope they should carry in their own heart.