Gift Guide: Gifts to Inspire Peace and Calmness

Whether you’re preparing for a special occasion—a gathering, anniversary, graduation, or other unique date—there’s always time to share serenity, peace, and inner wellbeing with the ones we care about.

Here’s our recommendations when hunting for that perfect, calming, inspiring gift for any time of the year.

horsefeathers gift guide

White Howlite Gemstone Bracelet

Howlite is best recognized by the dark, weblike veins that course through its marble-like white body. Its unique appearance has also led to the nickname “Snow Leopard Stone,” and like those beautiful cats, it is a symbol of awareness, patience, and calm.

Howlite is a non-traditional birthstone for those born under the zodiac sign Gemini and our gemstone bracelet is perfect for anyone dealing with stress and anxiety. Anyone who works in management, engages in public speaking, or is working on long-term goals may feel reassured by this stone’s presence.

Peace Sign Charm Bracelet

A symbol of peace & good vibes. The peace symbol is an iconic sign from rock ‘n roll and counterculture that reminds us that achieving peace in our environment requires that we find inner peace within. Our peace sign charm is perfect for anyone who feels a kinship with the icons of the 60s who believed in inner harmony and artistic expression above all else. 

Consider getting this charm for any musicians or artists in your life to encourage their creative expression. This charm is also a great gift for anyone struggling to express themselves, or who needs support and serenity in a chaotic time.

Lucky Token Pendant

Why worry when luck is on your side? This dazzling necklace combines good luck folklore, wisdom, and symbols from across the globe to inspire confidence and relieve stress when facing the day’s challenges.

Perfect for any spiritual souls who need a little bit of encouragement, or worldly travelers that could use a little bit of peace of mind on their journeys.

Small Town Girl Gift Set

For those that aren’t about the hustle and the bustle, but prefer to cherish the simple and peaceful things in life. This gift set comes with an Amazonite slab necklace on a 22" gold-filled chain, olive wood hoop earrings, a glass coffee/tea mug, and a “Just a Small Town Girl” sticker.

This is the ultimate gift for anyone that thrives on sitting outside, sipping tea, and finding mutual tranquility in themselves and the natural world around them.