Gift Guide: Gifts to Inspire Strength and Confidence

Whether you’re preparing for a special occasion—a gathering, anniversary, graduation, or other unique date—or want to spontaneously share your affection with someone close, there’s always time to share strength, confidence, and groundedness with the ones we care about.

Here’s our recommendations when hunting for that perfect, inspiring gift any time of the year.

 gifts for strength & confidence


Tigers Eye Gemstone Bracelet

This stone’s bold appearance is like a bolt of lightning in the dark, encouraging strength and confidence in all your endeavors. Tigers eye is a Gemini birthstone and is perfect for anyone starting new journeys. 

This gemstone bracelet makes an excellent gift for friends or family who are committing to new professions, starting college, getting married, or committing to any big change. Anyone who needs courage, inspiration, and a bit of luck when taking a step into the unknown can benefit from tigers eye.

tigers eye 8mm gemstone bracelet

Castle Charm Bracelet

Simultaneously sturdy and fortified—but also full of enchantment and riches—castles in fantasy and in real-life history never fail to capture our imaginations and inspire us with their strength and power.

Perfect for both for someone looking to storm the battlements and find their hidden treasure, or for those who need to find safety and refuge within: our castle charm bracelet is a reminder that adventure and security can go hand in hand. Also a great charm to symbolize home when moving or traveling abroad.

silver castle charm bracelet on pink opla


Rise Above Sunburst Necklace

Even on the gloomiest and cloudiest of days, the sun finds a way to rise above to shine a little light, if even for a moment. Like a beacon of hope in the darkest of times, this little burst of light is a reminder of every obstacle and challenge we’ve overcome.

For anyone who has experienced dark times and found themselves stronger for it, this necklace is the perfect companion to keep the comfort and strength of their inner light shining bright.

matte gold coin necklace

Six Impossible Things Gift Set

Anything is possible if you set your mind to it—the truly dedicated can achieve as many as six impossible things before breakfast!

Coming with our Fortune necklace, Find Your Magic bracelet, a hand-poured and 100% American soy wax candle, and a bumper sticker with the titular quote, this gift set inspires strength and adventurousness when pursuing your dreams. What’s more, every candle includes a crystal inside, which can be retrieved after its use to carry or store for continued strength and confidence. It’s the gift that keeps on giving!