Gift Guide: Gifts for Times of Change and New Beginnings

We are always experiencing moments of meaningful change and celebrating new beginnings with the ones we love. Whether it be a graduation, a wedding, or the purchase of a new home, life is constantly giving us opportunities to appreciate one another—and of course, to gift! If you find yourself hunting for that perfect gift of love, encouragement, or celebration, we have just the thing—no matter the time of year.

gift guide for new beginnings

Labradorite Gemstone Bracelet

A shimmering stone with facets of shifting expression, the Labradorite is known as the “stone of transformation”. As its name and qualities suggest, this guiding gemstone is an excellent one to carry during times of change or spiritual growth.

This gemstone’s associations with intuition, strength, and protection make it the perfect companion for anyone taking the first step in a new direction or beginning the next chapter in life. The labradorite bracelet can help you show support for your loved one in transition, with a band of stunning stones that help dispel fear in the face of change.

labradorite beaded gemstone bracelet

Butterfly Charm Bracelet

The quintessence of transformation, the butterfly acts as a beacon of hope and inspiration, and its wisdom can help us transform painful experiences into opportunities to celebrate life to its fullest. 

Offering beautiful expressions of this symbolic creature, our butterfly charms can provide comfort in times of loss, and strength at life’s pivotal moments. 

silver butterfly charm bracelet


Compass Necklace

Whether on land or sea, the compass’s steady hand provides direction in even the most disorienting environments. The elegant symmetry of the compass rose is always recognizable—a welcome sight to anyone beginning a journey into the unknown.

The dainty gold compass necklace maintains a simple design for almost any occasion—perfect for anyone exploring unfamiliar experiences, traversing uncharted territories, or navigating new relationships.

dainty gold compass necklace

“Not all Who Wander are Lost” Gift Set

This timeless sentiment is the inspiration to so many great adventures. Our special gift set will help your giftee carry the spirit of wanderlust wherever their journey may lead.

This set comes with a 12-ounce signature wine tumbler, a tasseled bracelet (in one of five colors), a “Not all Who Wander are Lost” sticker, and our druzy Gratitude Earrings—the starter kit for a successful launch into adventure.