Your Guide to Floral-Inspired Bracelet Stacks

May flowers are in full bloom everywhere—including, we hope, on your wrist. Taking cues from the lush and carefree bounty of the spring landscape, as well as traditions like Victorian Era flower language, our floral-inspired stacks are curated to help you focus on the specific types of sweetness you want to welcome into your life right now.

floral inspired gemstone bracelet sets

The Chamomile Stack 

chamomile gemstone bracelet set
Like a warm cup of Chamomile tea, the Chamomile Stack will help you achieve relaxation and patience, weathering any chaos that may come to your day. Wear it to remind yourself to breathe calmly and trust in your inner wisdom; you can always be a force of serenity. 

The Chrysanthemum Stack 

floral inspired meaningful bracelet set
It is natural to feel a little closed off sometimes, but you deserve to feel the richness of meaningful relationships, too. Symbolic of devotion, loyalty, and joy, the Chrysanthemum Stack is a reminder that you have the capacity to reach outward, toward community. Open your heart and call your friends (and maybe send them a Chrysanthemum stack of their own).

The Dahlia Stack

meaningful gemstone bracelet set
A vibrant example of resilience, the dahlia flower perseveres through hot summers and harsh conditions. Encouraging you to courageously embrace your inner strength, the Dahlia Stack is the perfect companion as you navigate rough patches and high-pressure situations with your uncompromising grace.

The Daisy Stack 

daisy beaded bracelet set
Do you remember what it felt like to spend a whole afternoon making a daisy chain, immersed in the present moment and the joy of those around you? The Daisy Stack challenges you to mindfully approach every day like that; you’re never too old—or too busy—to revel in the joy, innocence, and simplicity of the daisy!

The Hydrangea Stack

hydrangea inspired meaningful bracelet set
Those first steps matter. Whether you’re starting a new, small habit or embarking on a fresh, big life change, finding a balance of gratitude and grit as you form your beginning will make all the difference. The Hydrangea Stack, inspired by a flower whose eventual brilliance begins with the smallest seeds, is there for you as you plan your own rise to the top.

The Lavender Stack

lavender flower inspired meaningful bracelet set
Self–care often takes the form of cleansing. Adjusting your energies, decluttering your space, and reimagining your schedule all create room for your perfect life to flourish. The Lavender Stack can remind you to release your burdens and reclaim the purity and calm that you deserve.

The Lotus Stack

lotus flower inspired gemstone bracelet set
Consider all the places you have been, and all the places you have yet to go. In mind and body, it is often necessary to experience difficulties on the way to achieving dreams and goals. The Lotus Stack is a perfect reminder of the beauty of the whole experience; as a lotus needs the mud to become itself, so is it often necessary to find wisdom and beauty in the journey of growth. 

The Peony Stack

peony inspired meaningful bracelet set
You can have it all. The Peony Stack, symbolizing prosperity, romance, and compassion, is a celebration of the truly infinite possibilities that follow when you give your heart to the world in abundance, and are ready to receive the same in return. 

The Sunflower Stack

Sunflower inspired bracelet set
If support is your love language, start with yourself. Looking within and finding joy in your own skills and dependability will make it that much easier to share all of your gifts with the world. Symbolizing strength, stability, and loyalty, the Sunflower Stack won’t let you forget how much you deserve to show up for yourself!
 Shop our floral-inspired stacks today and immerse yourself in the enchanting world of blooming bracelets. May your wrist be a testament to the wonders of nature and the limitless possibilities that await you.