Tips for HFG Brand Babes


jewelry ambassador program

 Share Your Link or Code.

  • your Instagram bio is a great spot to place your HFG ambassador link. If you happen to have your own blog or website then we recommend creating a Linktree account so that you can link to multiple sites via your profile. 
  • if you are showing off a pic of your jewels with friends on social media be sure to include your link/code. This will give them a discount and you a little cash back ;)


Be Proactive.

  • we release new products each week. sharing our posts on social with a link to our NEW collection + adding your code is a great way to easily share what is fresh and have your discount code/ link readily available for friends to shop. 


Know Your Gems.

  • our gemstones are chosen for a specific reason. Learn up on each of the stones properties to better help you suggest the best fitting piece depending on their current lifestyle. 


Spread The Word. 

  • Invite friends into our Facebook VIP group so they can get in on the behind the scenes of the brand. 


 Be Engaging. 

  • we have a fun filled community of amazing women. Helping actively encourage them by commenting on their posts in our VIP group brings joy like you couldn't imagine! 
  • although you can't share your private code or link IN the VIP group, you can make your own daily post and engage with other tribe members. Often friendships are built and they begin following their new friends outside of the group ( which is a great place for you to tell them about your code). 


 A few simple ways to be authentic and share your code: 

  • show off what jewels you are wearing throughout the week.
  • unbox your new HFG jewels as they arrive. 
  • if you're a member of the Meaningful Bits Subscription you can show off the piece when it arrives monthly. 
  • if people comment on your jewels shoot them a message with your exclusive link. 

If you have any questions don't hesitate to reach out to us