10 Gemstones for Strength & Self-Confidence

Loving yourself is a full-time job. And strength and self-confidence are the qualities that make the sacred duty of self love feel simple and unburdensome. 

You are your own infinite wellspring of wholeness. Here are a set of crystals to aid you in believing that—and believing in yourself—every second of every day!

gemstones for strength and self confidence

Botswana Agate

This beautiful banded stone found in Africa is recognized as a symbol of strength. Specifically, Botswana Agate reminds us that we are our own best support system. 

When we engage in self-acceptance, we ground ourselves in the beauty of our reality, paving the way for an empowering growth of self esteem. 

As you practice softness with yourself, shop our Botswana Agate Meaningful Gemstone Bracelet or Botswana Agate Gemstone Statement Ring so that each time you look down at your hands, you’re making a vote of confidence for yourself. 


Feeling in alignment with ourselves is freeing—it removes barriers of worry and distrust, opening us to an uninterrupted flow of decisions, ideas, and bold moves in our lives. 

Chalcedony, a form of quartz, is a stone that is said to encourage this alignment and other forma of balance. 

Check out our favorite chalcedony stone—Jasper—as you explore what it means to be on the same page with yourself.


Occurring in a dazzling array of colors, fluorite is a lighthearted stone known for its encouragement of clarity. 

As we seek to remove negativity and find the deeper stories at play within ourselves, fluorite can show us that if we simply focus, we, too, can see through ourselves, to our sometimes hidden brightness. 

Our Fluorite Mini Meaningful Gem Bracelet is there to join you as you seek clarity within yourself, and begin to move breezily through the world. 


With its marbled look, Howlite is an intuitive reminder that we deserve to take solid, confident steps, always. 

Known as a stone of awareness and belief in oneself, Howlite helps us develop the patterns of thought that lead us to a renewed sense of calm in who we are, without a need to rush into the future.

As you accept where you are and approach the future with a clear plan, wear a Howlite Gemstone Statement Ring as you resist the temptation to get ahead of yourself.

Lace Agate 

Often, confidence begins with a decision—speaking our minds or committing to a new plan. A somewhat rare stone, Lace Agate is thought to open us to this kind of confidence. 

When we are unwavering in our declaration of who we are and where we are going, we feel our own infinity. Lace Agate can remind us that reveling in who we are is as simple as emphatically expressing ourselves. 


Why does it always feel so difficult to believe that we are worthy? Each of us is amazing, bright, and worthy of love from ourselves and others. But it can be tough to understand that sometimes. 

Malachite, with its showstoppingly complex green hue, is a bold reminder of exactly how deep our worth runs. It’s a stone of protection and confidence, making it the perfect companion on the vulnerable and exciting journey to rejoice in self-worth. 

As you hold yourself close, lean on a Malachite Luxe Gemstone Bracelet or Flourish Gemstone Hoop Earrings in Malachite for an extra dose of strength. 


Moonstone, a striking feldspar that shares appearance and enchantment with its namesake, is well known for its relationship with self-love

This stone, often depended upon for achieving balance and unlocking intuition, can give us a window of connections with ourselves that awakens us to new forms of self-love. 

Explore who you are—and all the wonderful reasons to love yourself—with a Moonstone Luxe Gemstone Bracelet or a Loretta Lynn Dainty Gold Gemstone Bracelet in moonstone.


Also known as “fool’s gold,” pyrite is an incredibly eye-catching gemstone with powerful properties of its own right.

A protection stone, pyrite allows us to swiftly and definitively remove negativity from our minds, providing the strength needed to replace that negativity with self-confidence. 

And who wouldn’t feel confident with a shining, brilliant stone adorning their outfit? Make room for yourself with our Pyrite Meaningful Gemstone Bracelet and Pyrite Gemstone Statement Ring.


When hit with light at the correct angle, sunstone sparkles brilliantly, like a quick outpouring of glitter to shed unexpected joy on the day. 

This is often what it feels like to call on our own strength in moments of complete self-confidence. All of a sudden, we are bright and unstoppable. It’s no wonder this stone is known for positivity and confidence. 

Spread this charming happiness to yourself and others with a ​​Sunstone Meaningful Gemstone Bracelet.


Believing in ourselves means that we have taken the leap to be honest with ourselves, and have accepted who we are, to be loved unconditionally. 

This is what it is to have true strength and self-confidence: We venture into the places within that feel chaotic and negative, and hold ourselves in our totality, with love. 

Developing wisdom and belief in yourself as you connect honestly within can be tough, but it is so rewarding. Let the Everyday Turquoise Heishi Necklace, Turquoise Chunky Meaningful Gemstone Bracelet, and other turquoise jewelry serve as reminders of how exciting it is to be you.