Gemstones for Luck

When we feel ready to welcome opportunity, prosperity and wealth into our lives, we are ready to make our own luck. Our hopes and dreams are always within reach, and all it takes to grasp them is simply to begin. 

Of course, beginning is the hardest part; we often feel that with just a little push, just the right amount of pure luck, and then we’d really be in the position to achieve it all. And maybe this is true—but there’s a simple way to shift our energy. 

Check out this list of gemstones that will help you tip the odds in your favor, helping you achieve the perfect blend of hustle and magic. 

top gemstones for luck


Making opportunities come to you is all about confidence and strength—just like Agate, a warm, grounding stone known for helping you embrace who you are.

You deserve to banish your insecurities and make room in your life for luck and prosperity. Take a breath and remind yourself of the areas of your life that excite you, where you really excel. Know that the people around you appreciate and admire you for both your strengths and your character—who you are is itself the greatest source of power.

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One of several green gems known for luck and prosperity, Aventurine is a quartz stone perfect for quiet moments spent manifesting a beautiful future. 

Its bright tones and properties of amplification make it a dependable source of the extra nudge you need to get yourself ahead. 

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Have you ever met someone who simply radiates success? Make sure that someone is you, when you adorn yourself in the joyful, motivating citrine. 

Also well known for its encouragement of success, this stone is the perfect companion for your quest to rule the world (or your workplace—wherever you’re focusing your energy.)

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The classic “good luck charm,” Emerald is known for commanding the gravitational pull of abundance and freshness, bringing it all to you. 

Sometimes luck is about the right attitude, remembering that new, better opportunities and vibrant, important experiences are always possible. And they can all be yours.

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A conduit of the triple threat of abundance—wealth, success, and wisdom—Jade has been recognized as a powerful stone worldwide, throughout the ages. 

Occurring in many luxe green tones, there is no question that simply by looking at it, Jade can shift your inner story toward creativity, confidence, and success. 

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