Meaningful Bits: July

//may you always be the one who notices the little things that make light pour through and may they always remind you there is more to this life, and there is more to you.//

Life is made up of a few really big moments punctuated by a lot of little moments. Sometimes those little moments don't seem as important or meaningful but without them you'd spend your life always waiting for something big to happen. 

You (your crazy, special, unique self) are created out of all those moments - big and small. They make you - you. And are why people love you (or maybe strongly dislike you...ha!)  

Plus, you know the little moments can be just as beautiful, or more so, than the big ones. Those little things can make a mighty impact. 

Let this bracelet represent all those small moments in time that you saw the beauty even when no one else noticed them. 

Now go out and put your unique mark on the world - while embracing those little moments along the way.

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